The Ultimate Act of Surrender

It's pretty rare that we dive in with both feet and all of our hearts and souls to anything --- some of us never do. 


Everyone is different. 

In love, some people dive in with all they've got at first and then slowly take back pieces of their vulnerable heart as the relationship starts to develop and there's more to lose. 

Some of us give our hearts away one small piece at a time until we feel totally safe to give most of it up. 

In some cases it looks like having backup boyfriends or girlfriends. In others we don't fully let our truths been known and seen. 

When pursuing our dreams we act similar. 

Some people jump with full trust that the net will appear, while others jump with limited trust but a strong desire to leap. 

Others wait until they've carefully crafted their own net and then sit their butts down on the platform of conformity and slide off into the net of the supported unknown. 

There is no right or wrong way to jump.

If you don't want to jump you don't have to. 

However, if you don't commit to what it is that pulls at your heart then you will always feel disappointed. 

Rarely do we give 100% to anything. 

Because if we did, and didn't succeed, that would mean cataclysmic failure and shattering of our worth --- or so our ego tells us. 

When we give 95% in love and life we subconsciously feel safe, clutching onto the remaining 5% for later juuuust in case it doesn't work and we need it to start over --- we all have varying degrees but most of us do this as a safety mechanism. 

We may quit our jobs or apply for a job with a higher wage or frivolously spend our dough --- but at the end of the day, in some way or another we keep a small %. 

In some cases it means not expressing how much that job application means to us, trying to prevent further heartache if we don't get it. In others it looks like having side jobs for fear of trusting that our business can support us. 

It happens again and again. 

But what if the nectar of life lived in releasing the last 5%? 

What if we fully and truly gave something or someone every single part of our being? 

How then would life feel? 

We have become SO attached to our 5% that we've wrapped our definition of Self up along with it --- which is why it seems impossible to let it go and why our egos will tell us we DESERVE our percentage because it's ours and ours alone. It will trick you into holding onto your share as an act of self-love. 

But what if giving up your slice is the ultimate act of surrender. 

I encourage you to find the interest rate of your security blanket and openly and honestly see how much it's costing you each year in connection, compassion and courage. 

Is holding on preventing you from opening up fully to the potential of the moment? 

Actively invest more into your job, your business, your love and friends because we are worthy of letting go of that % and having those around us let go too. 

This could just be the greatest return on investment you've ever received. Just watch what comes back to you this year.