Leading Us Back

Sometimes our paths entwine with souls that we feel are kindred; sometimes it's so strong that it feels as if destiny is watching from behind a secret hiding place, beaming bright with feverish delight. 

I have felt this feeling many times on my journey around the sun; each time bringing its own prolific sense of purpose, each human showing me a corridor of my soul --- a secret passageway to the infinite of creation. Sometimes it manifests as beauty and sometimes it manifests as pain; sometimes we stay in each other's lives, oftentimes we don't.  

I've met multiple kindreds, and I'm whelmed by the fruitfulness our relationship possesses; I'm also mindful of the energy being exchanged. 

If we feel a connection to a person, be it romantic or otherwise, kindred or a mere spark,  it's imperative to recognize the value being shared energetically between people. 

If you are the one always making the effort, it will steal your sense of self worth. 

If you've placed them on a pedestal, or they've built you up to live there, the relationship has no solid foundation to rest upon. 

If you're the one who is uplifting and encouraging and breathing life into the relationship then it is already dead, in a sense. 

Relationships are an animated interaction of energy, each component of Self boldly dancing with the expression of "other"  - at its very core it is life giving.  If a relationship lasts a lifetime, a few years, a few hours, minutes, or even seconds, it shows up to allow us to move deeper inward.   

If we feel threatened or manipulated, abused or betrayed, ignored or trampled, then the relationship is here as a teacher and a guide to go further into ourselves and face the lingering parts we find unworthy, unlovable and even abandoned. These types of relationships are also great symbols for setting up healthy boundaries and learning to love ourselves first. 

Certain relationships act as lessons in soul retrieval so that we may recover and acknowledge lost or hidden parts of ourselves. 

Every relationship is different but it's imperative to know what type of relationship is showing up in our lives and why. 

I've been feeling a very one-sided relationship these past few weeks and I wanted to sit in blame and anger about it, but then I remembered a sacred truth, some relationships are here for a reason, a season or a lifetime and all scenarios act as a beautiful representation of cosmic lessons that lead us back to our center. 

And there is nothing more beautiful than coming home to yourself.