Keep Going

If what we're saying and doing is always receiving positive feedback then something isn't right. 

We expect positive feedback, especially with social media.  

Post a photo - like

Post a piece of writing - like

Post a video - like, like 

The power does not live in the likes. 

It's been proven that our brains release dopamine when someone "likes" something we post - we've become addicted to it. 

But what about when someone doesn't like what we say or do --- or even downright disagrees with it?

Well, you take it as an opportunity for growth. You accept it as a challenge of strength; you acknowledge you are on the right path. 

Often it isn't even about you or what you believe;  it's a trigger that exposes their wounds and makes them uncomfortable, you just happen to get caught in the line of fire. 

In a world of instant gratification it can be difficult to hear the naysayers nay say, but I promise that it is a beautiful teacher here to guide us closer to the infinite potential that lives on the inside. 

Keep going.