Cherish You

Today seems like the perfect day to talk about body-image. 

I've struggled on and off with body-image for as long as I can remember. I think most of us do. 

I remember doing circuits with my cousin; running laps around my grandparents house and jumping on the trampoline, and then we would weigh ourselves --- we couldn't be older than ten.  This is how young it affects our children. 

We are constantly being manipulated through media, magazine and the like on what beauty looks like --- it's no secret. 

Women are supposed to be thin everywhere, except our butts and breasts. 

We are supposed to be hairless, except our eyelashes and eye brows and the hair on our head, that should be thick and dripping with fertility. 

Our noses should be small but our eyes wide and lips luscious. 

And we are all guilty of trying to fit this ideal, just look through your feeds, duck lips are running rampant in photos and I've seen people's children doing it. 

It breaks my heart because we are feeding the monster. 

But beauty is not limited to the definitive conditions of a consumer culture who profits from our insecurity. 

Beauty is vibrational. It's fluid. It is completely unique. 

There is not one type of beauty, there are infinite expressions of it and your beauty will not pass this way again so cherish it. 

Nobody is perfect. 

Your imperfection is your perfection. 

Every cell of your being is radiant. Every inch of your body is beautiful. Every feature on your face is the canvas of creation. 

You are the universe experiencing itself in form and your human form, in all of its complexities, is the most beautiful manifestation of this moment. 

Cherish you. 

Photos by @kaihlatonai