Broken and Whole

The truth is we are all broken, not just some of us, all of us. 

The truth will set us free.

We all have experiences that have caused us pain and suffering; abuse, betrayal, rejection, abandonment, loss, trauma etc., and we all go through feeling unworthy and unloved.  If more people talked about their deepest emotional wounds, the world would be a better place; There would be more sharing of powerful words like, "me too."  There would be more long hugs, collapsed shoulders, and expanded hearts.

What's not normal is the fact that we feel the bondage of the word broken.  The term means reduced into fragments; fragmented; ruptured; torn; fractured.  Broken implies that something needs to be fixed - that it is not functioning properly.  It implies there is something wrong.

But what if being broken was what was right with the world? What if broken wasn't a word associated with a negative connotation? What if I told you that broken is the key to the door in the floor of your soul.  

What if I told you that broken is the new black.  We can wear it with anything and we all look good in it.
Broken could become a word we use to connect to one another, and feel good- to dive into our greatest strength, vulnerability.  Vulnerability could be the sexiest thing we've never worn.

I can promise that feeling broken f*c#ing sucks, but I can also affirm that it is our most precious ally for it is in our brokenness that the light has a chance to sneak in, if we'll let it.  But just because we're broken does not mean that light has to enter.  We have a choice.  Free will is constantly checking in to see if we need to learn deeper lessons, if our unconsciousness begs to be exposed, our shadow revealed for the impostor it is.

I am broken and it's beautiful.

I spent many years of my life feeling abandoned, betrayed, rejected and unworthy.   I'm from multiple broken homes and have a history of broken hearts - both my own and those who tried to love me.

Being or feeling broken is powerful; it adds depth and richness to our lives.

Facing the magnitude of my totality has shown me my strength and resiliency.  It has become an act of self-love to claim my story - to own it and share it with others. I am broken and I wouldn't change a thing; not one ounce of my journey.
It taught me love. It taught me compassion.  I began to feel my feelings and claim boundaries. I began to see myself for the goddess I am; To earn respect rather than demand it; To say no to people who weren't in total alignment with my heart and soul.

I no longer hustle for my worthiness; I claim it as my birthright and, somedays, I forget but I forgive myself because it's an honour to be human.

It's an honour to feel emotions; to have the gift of choice.

It's an honour to be alive to learn these lessons.

It's a honour to be broken.

We are broken, yes, but we are also Divine.

We are pure love, remembering that we are love.

We are the waves that caress the shoreline, and the starlit sky that embraces the moon.

We are the softest touch and the hardest rain.

We are the sovereign, the chosen, the guru, the prophet.

We are all of it.  And it is all of us.

We are broken, yes, but why is that a bad thing?

Being broken gives us contrast so that when we feel whole - that luscious, sexy embodiment of fullness and grace, we can receive the abundance and gratitude of the moment because we have seen the other side.  We have a story to tell, a message to impart, a mystical essence that runs through our veins - it is both our burden and our salvation.
Share your heart, share your brokenness, allow vulnerability to seep into your pores, sweating out miracles of disillusion.

Be broken.

Be bold.

Own it.

Let it go.

Surrender to your magnificence.