Let's talk about mental illness

I want to talk about mental illness.... 

I think we should all talk about it. 

More often than not, I don't like to box and categorize a state of being into a limiting and definitive term but sometimes it's completely appropriate to do so. 

Did you know 1 in 4 people experience "mental illness?" 

Did you know there was a time in my life where this box became my reality? 

Seven years ago I was having panic attacks every single day - for one full month. 

It was debilitating, not only to my way of life but to my confidence. 

I thought I was losing my mind. 

My grip on reality kept eluding me. 

I was scared to drive, be in large crowds and even, at times, to leave my house. 

I would wake up gasping for air in a panic before I would even fully fall asleep. 

So, I self-medicated. 

I would drink to ease the tension - but drugs and alcohol was a huge part of the manifestation of this fearful frequency. 

I was out of alignment. 

Big time. 

But I healed. 

I knew there was a way beyond the fear, panic, guilt and shame. 

For me, healing looked like prayer and meditation. 

Healing felt like yoga, self-care rituals, being in nature and learning how to say no. 

Healing took the form of recovering from my addiction to approval from the outside world. 

I didn't want to go on pharmaceuticals. 

Sometimes, depending on the severity of an illness, it is necessary but I wholeheartedly knew if I turned inward to a power perhaps beyond my grasp at that time, I could and would heal. 

And I did. 

This is my journey and I'm not saying it will be yours or that it is appropriate for every situation; however it was appropriate for me. 

I believe in the body's  ability to heal. 

I trust that "sensitive" people are more likely to be classified as having "mental illnesses" because of their ability to tune into a plethora of frequencies existing on the planet. 

These are the people who are called empaths. 

These are the people who feel very deeply and willingly, albeit unconsciously, take on others' energy as a way to heal the world. 

Depression is a frequency. 

Anxiety is a frequency. 

Paranoia, mania and delusions are frequencies. 

We need to trust that when these energies show up our bodies are trying to tell us something; that something is out of balance. 

If we are brave enough to listen and humble enough to talk about it before it takes over our reality there is a way to bring the darkness into the light to heal. 

I implore you to talk about your "stuff" with people that you trust. 

Everyone is fighting a battle and nobody is truly ever alone. 

Be brave. 

Stay curious. 

Ask your body questions; why are you showing up today fear? What can I learn from you? 

Go inward. 

The journey inward saved my life, brought animation back to my spirit, quieted my mind and healed my body. 

You are worthy of healing. 

Someone out there depends on it.