Today Sounds So Much Better

What a whirlwind these last few days have been.  I'm still processing all that has happened.

I knew things were going to shift for my business after BLOOM festival - a yoga inspired retreat in the heart of Edmonton aimed at activating our potential and creating a platform for community - but I didn't know how things would change.

I didn't know that I would develop the courage to walk away from the role I held with my long-time business partner and friend in marketing and e-commerce.  As much as I loved the platform, and the people, I knew that it was time for me to tell the Universe, loud and clear, that I was going to trust in my healing business 100% and all the signs that had led me to where I am now.  

I certainly didn't foresee my old job of seven plus years asking for their keys back, closing the door on a position that I was holding onto - even if just energetically - as my safety net.  

I've been dabbling in entrepreneurship for over five years now, but I have never fully committed to it; I've always had something on the side.  I was always afraid that it might not work out so in ways, it never did.

 I've just stepped into being a full-time entrepreneur in one business.   

I'm officially following my heart, my intuition, and my dreams.  

There is no net to catch me if I fall, no guaranteed paycheque, work hours, or vacation pay.  There is no more waking up to alarms, or asking my boss for time off, or hitting the rush hour grind.  There is only me and my potential.

Oh this is going to be good.

For the first time ever, I am calling the shots.  I feel scared, excited, grateful and ---- alive.

I really feel alive.

The way you feel when you jump out of an airplane.

The way you feel when you get asked out by the person you've been secretly watching for weeks.

The way you feel when the first snowflake of the year kisses you gently on the cheek before melting.

I know my greatest battle is going to be with myself; my thoughts, my beliefs and my conditioning.  

I know there will be days when I cry, when I think my business is a failure and my partner will have to remind me for the hundredth time that I'm doing great.

I know some days I'll feel on top of the world and others where I'll feel the weight of it.

I know that some days it will all come together and somedays it won't but I can promise that when I am 108, with the life lived out of me I will not remember the days that it felt dark.

I will remember the time I risked greatly in the face of my purpose, knowing that I honoured what I came here to do and that I believed in myself enough to try.

I will remember that we are so much more than skin and bones; we are limitless and wild and free.

I will remember how deeply I loved and served my fellow brothers and sisters on this planet.

I will remember that today sounds so much better than someday.    

And I will start truly living, now.