As we climbed higher and higher up the mountain, our desire to rove and travel increasing, I wondered if today was my day to experience true transformation. We were already late for our yoga class entitled "Sing Your Body Electric" and I could feel the passing shadows of old beliefs that cared what people thought.  As we made our way to class we were greeted with chanting.  Everyone was in a massive circle cantillating the most beautiful mantras.  We quickly joined the singing sounds of splendid spiritual empowerment as the heat from the sun grew increasingly warm on our faces.  Separated into groups we all had something different to sing and as we mingled amongst the entirety of the group it became harder and harder to remember the words and tune; but, something took over - a mystical power greater than ourselves - and we began to remember the rhythm and sang the sacred symphony.  I felt more alive then I could remember feeling in a very long time.   

We did yoga, but it didn't just bend and contort our bodies - it shifted and untangled our minds and liberated our vocal chords into the vibrations of cosmic union.  We all sang.  We all let go of the times we haven't spoken our truths, and the ways in which we've used our words to hurt.  We released the fear of being heard, and feeling foolish.  We made noise to remember, not to numb our pain or forget our failures, no, we made sounds to soothe each other in a blanket of unconditional love as a community and as a commitment to each other. With each syllable we sang the song of new beginnings and relinquished the pain of a past lingering too long in the present.  

Soon we were back on the veranda overlooking the Rocky Mountain peaks and louder and louder we began to sing the sacred mantra, Om Mani Padme Hung.  Each voice joined in unison until union started to express itself as diversity and voices began to emerge with strength and courage, in their own melodic musical memoirs.  The internal flame of each soul got brighter and brighter as the tides of transformation carried sorrow and sickness back to the sea to be cleansed in the waters of truth and love.  One by one women began to stand and shout out their desires for themselves, the world, their peers, and strangers, each person mirroring the group in ways that can only be explained as the divine law of attraction.  With every vibratory variation, words of truth sank into the souls of every person present and waves of emotion began to emerge from faces, the cleansing waters capsizing any remaining egoic beliefs.  No one could hide from their humanness, but no one could hide from their divinity either.  

I began to weep in a way that I can only describe as comfort - they way a mother rocks her child to sleep.  I felt wrapped in the arms of love and protected in the winds of grace.  My healing became the healing of all, and the healing of all became my healing.  I could no longer feel fifty separate bodies, but rather a singular solacement that could only be offered from the Divine Mother and accepted by us, her children.  Born anew we raised each other up and found our gaze in the company of another, of which no space could not be felt.  I couldn't tell where I ended and others' began.  I was in a Sea of worship and a world of serendipity.  

They say you only remember a third of your life.  That day, atop a mountain at Wanderlust Whistler, I will never forget and I will never wonder if that was my day of transformation.  All the world requires of you is to show up.  How are you going to show up today?  

Sat Nam,