I wasn't actively searching for a new product line but as any entrepreneur knows, as you begin to shift and change so does your vision, your mission, and your purpose.  We are constantly shifting as our new awareness inside projects outward.  We change and so does the world around us.  Maybe it's because I needed prayer in my life at that time.  Maybe it's because yoga was paramount during my healing process.  Maybe it's because I did 108 sun salutations on the Winter Solstice and had a newfound knowledge of what it meant to be devoted.  

I needed devotion.

I needed prayer.  

I needed affirmations.

I fell asleep one night and had a dream of being in a market in a foreign country, searching for the perfect semi precious stones.  The dream began to repeat itself and I knew there was something very special about the thought to create mala bead necklaces.  I already owned a few and I wanted to produce something local, something more affordable, and something with the energy from my heart.

The final sign came in the form of a person.  Her name is Wren.  My friend posted a picture of her malas and I knew I was being divinely guided to create them too.  Wren lives in Vancouver, and if you live in the area you should check her work out; Flow and Arrow.  She creates incredibly stunning jewellery infused with love and intention.  Although we have never met, I feel connected to her; the love of malas flowing through our veins.  She has graciously shared a bit of her story with me and I would like to share it with you now.


I am a rock hound, lover of all things natural, bead collector, introvert, and have become increasingly aware of my divinely feminine spirit through yoga and intuitive sessions with Beth Watson. For me, there is no more authentic, creative, and divine way of fusing together these aspects of myself than designing and sharing malas with my community. I see malas as a tool, a symbol of self love, and a form of real natural beauty. After years of disconnection from my spirit’s need for a hands-on creative outlet, I found myself bursting at the seams in October 2013, starving for change; I moved cities, left grad school, and committed to forever changing my life course for the pursuit of a more authentic version of myself. Part of that evolution included unearthing my talent for beading that previously lay dormant for nine years, and unlocking my passion for the earth and self-healing. Since then, I’ve designed and sold countless malas primarily through word of mouth in Vancouver, while refining my skills as an artisan and knowledge of gemstone healing properties. I continue to pride myself on purchasing high quality supplies solely from other small businesses around the world, and strive to create pieces that heal and inspire. My favourite stone is amazonite for its gentle encouragement to communicate from a place of love and empowerment.