Blessings in Disguise

My dream about March 16th was nothing short of profound, and if you haven't read the article yet, I suggest you read Venus Virgo Rising before this as this article aims to tell the story of what happened on that day, after I dreamed it was to be a day that would change my life.  Before I get into the details of what happened on that particular day, we begin by recounting a story, one that needs to be told to fully grasp how the moments of our lives are strung together by blessings in disguise.


I got up early, excited to embark on a journey to the mountains.  This trip differed from the multitude of miles I've driven previously to collect Spring water; this time, I was headed with my former romantic partner, the same person who was the catalyst for massive transformational growth just a few months prior.  

Ok, let me back up.

A handful of months ago I packed up my car and headed to BC.  I had no agenda other than to sit in the silence of my inner being and dance in the excitment of complete surrender.  I knew this trip was big.  I mean BIG.  And so I went.  I left my friends and boyfriend and the city I love to explore my own sacred space and create a series of memories that would not only propel me into the person I was born to be, but centre me further in my own awareness.  After a week on Vancouver Island things got clear.  Clearer than I wanted them to be.  Clearer than I wanted to admit to myself, or anyone else, for that matter.  I began to see how even though I loved my partner dearly, he wasn't showing up for me the way I deserved or needed: On a deeper level, I began to feel how he wasn't a vibrational match for me and that he wasn't my life partner.  

After a day or two of sitting with these feelings, I called him and we talked, rather cried, about it.  It was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  Just as quickly as the words came pouring out of my mouth, I regretted them.  On one hand I knew I was making the right choice, on the other, I couldn't believe two people could break up when there was still so much love between them.  But we did.  And the months following our break-up resembled a roller coaster ride without a safety harness: There were moments where I thought I would actually die due to the intense amount of emotional pain surfacing.  Coming out of that tailspin, I now see how this break-up allowed me to align with my deepest wound, shine a light on it, love myself through it and take responsibility for all of my actions up until that moment, and a lifetime of moments.  

Fast-forward to our trip to the mountains. We have been split-up for months, still very much in a space of love, and continuing a friendship to the best of our ability.  

On the way home from our trip I am pleased with the ease in which our stories flow.  He asks about my current soul connection, and goes on to tell me about his.  He doesn't hold back,  he shares about their dialogue on babies, and a lifetime together, and where they would live; he pursues the topic with hypothetical discourse on why she would make an outstanding mother, her strength, her tenacity, her confidence.  This is the same girl he fell in love with three weeks after we ended, so it was already a raw subject; however,  I was honestly happy for him, and simultaneously my heart broke all over again.  


After I dropped him off, I drove home feeling fine; although, somewhere in my emotional body I felt the pain begin to resurface.  I pulled over, called my soul sister and began to weep.  Once I got my ego out of the way, I saw that I wasn't in fact mad at him or the fact that he had felt safe enough to share that with me.  In hindsight, I feel more honoured, blessed, and grateful.  The truth is, he reflected back to me what I want, what I've wanted in the last few years, and what is available to me if I'm willing to ask and remain open to receive.  I had to get really honest with myself and look at my current relationship.  So on March 16th I changed my romantic status.  It was an honest and open conversation and I couldn't have asked for a better ending.  Sometimes in life, you need to walk away from the good to make room for the great.    

Although I initially thought that my dream meant I was going to meet someone on this day, it turned out I said goodbye to someone, at least romantically.  If you take anything away from this article, take this away; you are worthy of everything your heart wants so have faith that all you desire is already on its way.  Stand up for yourself, listen to your intuition, know who you are, what you want and where you are going.  If you have a vision planted in your heart then don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Everything did change on March 16 because I chose myself.  I leave you with this;

You did not make a mistake.  I repeat, you did not make a mistake.  You followed your heart.  You did what most people are unwilling to do - you let go of someone you love to open up your heart to the unlimited possibilities that a decision like that gives you access to.  You are braver than you know.  Your actions magnify a miracle waiting to manifest in your life.  You are right on track.