Forgiveness settles in like tiny fingers loosely pressed around just one.

A baby cries for her journey.

The Universe has once again marvelled at its ability to contract and expand,

an never ending ebb and flow.

I wonder if my heart can linger just long enough to feel the ecstasy of despair.


I am grateful for this strength; I watch in amazement at its capacity. 

I suppose the Universe has contracted and expanded millions of times in this mechanical

beating community of cells:

Will I ever understand the language in which she speaks?

Can I trust that her sails are pointed in the direction of warmer waters?

Just like a ship in the harbour, I wait to catch a glimpse of adventure - the vast Sea -

yearning for the salt water to embrace my open wounds in an attempt to heal 

the mysteries of a past that no longer exists.

I feel the karma anchor me down,

begging me to pay attention to the cycles of the moon.