You Are Beautiful: Secrets of Attractiveness

I closed my eyes.

Deeper and deeper I sank into my bed.  I could feel myself blend into the borders where the mattress kissed the floor.

And then I disappeared.

I began to rise above my body; lifeless on the bed it remained in a deep slumber. 

Higher and higher I rose above myself, leaving the building of my body and the structure of my conscious mind.  I found myself floating up a titanium cylinder shaped tower. Upon arriving at the top, I returned to the structure of a body and noticed myself in a myriad of mirrors.  

I began to delight in the reflection of myself: I was dressed in sexy black lingerie with expansive elegant black angelic wings.  

I thought, "Wow!  You are truly very beautiful," and remained enamoured in my own outward appearance.

Suddenly, a large authoritative voice beamed into my thoughts.  "Why are you starring at your reflection anyway?"  It inquired.  "You ARE NOT your body."

And just like that the reality of the dreamscape shattered like a mirror breaking into a million tiny pieces.  



Our reality is like a million shards of glass; distorted, fragmented, and broken.  My entire life I have been preoccupied with beauty; beautiful landscapes, beautiful homes, beautiful cars, beautiful people.  I can't explain where it comes from, it has always just been there.  For many years I harboured guilt over this love of beauty.  There have been times when I have let it  consume me.  Moments where I  felt betrayed by it.  Parallel Universiversal lifetimes of letting it go.  I have dejectedly felt its lack and paradoxically eased into its embrace.  Beauty is elusive and transient.  Let's move beyond our current paradigm and convey a hidden TRUTH:  All things are beautiful because everything is subjective to the law of relativity.  Who decided what 'beauty' is anyway?

Beauty is not something we perceive with our eyes, it is something we feel with our heart.  Of course, when one sees someone who falls into our stereotypes of what it means to be attractive, one takes notice; but, I'm not talking about that kind of beauty.  That beauty is alluring, but temporary.  I'm talking about the beauty that draws you to a person because you FEEL it.  More often than not this is also accompanied by someone who we find personally attractive because the Universe has a way of setting this up for us.  The thing I love about beauty is that there is someone out there, both in this world and beyond it, who unequivocally thinks that your presence and/or your contribution to this planet is the most beautiful thing he or she has ever seen and felt.  The idea of 'feeling' beauty is something lacking in our current society and discourse around this topic is sparse.  Beauty is first felt and then observed.  Think about every person with whom you have truly felt a connection with.  In each case I guarantee that something drew you to this person that was much, much deeper than their external, physical appearance.  Now I'm not saying that they aren't attractive, in fact they could be the most attractive person you've ever seen, but the feeling, the energy, the celestial bliss is what kept you with this person.  They say that people will forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.  Your beauty is vibrational, its echo like the ripples from a stone skipping across a lake.  Allow yourself to impact people on a different level.  How you make them feel is what truly makes you beautiful, and I know you have a lot to offer the world:   If you didn't, you would be here.

So please take some time today and reflect on how you feel.  If you feel good, you will inevitably make others' feel good and this makes you more attractive!  If you are an artist of the soul and creating is your outlet for love, then get creating to convey your beauty.  Do something that makes you feel proud of yourself.  Sit in the vibration of love.  Move towards the things that make you feel good and away from those that make you feel less than the light that you are.  You are sanctioned.  You are needed.  You are beautiful.  You are loved.