Beloved Stranger

Dear Beloved Stranger, 

Not but a week before last we embraced in the park.  

Soothing words glided through the air as we exchanged our hearts.  

But something somewhere was hiding in the grass: 

I did not yet know of the moment to pass,

where your gaze would elude me, your eyes full of 

fog – convincing yourself I was not there at all.  

Yet a softness be stills your heart.

When we’re alone in a space we fall into each other.  

I’m sorry, you’re sorry, my sister, my brother.  

Words into silence.  

Tears into love.  

But the treasure has been hidden, clasped, and locked up.  

A hurt, nay a betrayal, lingers quietly in the air: 

It will not yield, holding my guilt and despair hostage.  

The shadow that slithered through the grass has yet to determine my sentence to pass.  

What shall become of our friendship my beloved stranger?  

Will the strings of the things that hold close all that’s dear find room for one more?  

That I shall be adorned in string and you shall find peace in the floor of the door to your soul?  

While I wait for the sentence in the Kingdom of Shadows, I place myself in a cage of self-destruction.  

My heart feels alone in a boat on the Sea of Mistakes.  

It is here that I patiently wait.  

All of the moments that pass, and the space in between, are wasted in anger and language unseen.  

I’m beginning to suspect you will never forgive me – making peace with both sides is a full time commitment.  

But still I wait.  

A thief in the night has stolen the truth, and all that remains is eternal beauty and youth.  

Impossible odds, indestructible ties, one day I will find my way back to those eyes.  

I’ll keep shouting and screaming at the top of my soul until I shatter the ground – all the dirt 

and the mud – revealing to you unconditional love.