High Priestess

"If you think you are a witch, you are a witch - meaning you are a Goddess, Priestess, Healer, Shaman, Wise Woman." - Sarah Durham Wilson, 13 Signs You're a Witch

I was moving through my house as if by magic, floating around the space, my feet seemingly never touching the ground.  There was a commotion outside, the chaos attempting to permeate the walls of an imagined permanent structure.

Was I dreaming?

There was a knock on the door; they were looking for for me.  I grabbed my little sister and took her to the master bedroom where I hid her under the bed; wildly she began to sob.  "Don't leave me here!" she begged.  "Hide with me!;"  Her voice coated with fear.  With a false portrayal of assurance I replied, "I can't.  They aren't after you, they are after me.  If I hide with you, they will kill us both.  You'll be safe here."  With an intense amount of grief and responsibility I secured her safety behind clothes and boxes.

I floated to the living room.  As if by the force of magnetism I was drawn out of the house and into the flames.  I was tied up and sentenced to burn.  Two men watched as my body was engulfed by flames.  I found a quiet inner meditative space away from the burning of my flesh.  My Spirit swirled silently for a time until it spoke, "You are white light." It assured me.  "You are nothing but white light.  You cannot be hurt.  This is not an act of evil, but rather a lower vibration.  There is no darkness.  You are white light."  Over and over this repeated in my sacred space, reassuring me that I was not my body, that I was infinite and that I couldn't be destroyed.  A deep sense of peace washed over me.

Coming back into the consciousness of my body, time, and space, I began to feel the last of my nerve endings blistering off the bone.  I cried out in acute agony.  They seemed to relish in my pain.  My suffering brought them great joy.  I retreated back into my sacred space.  Annoyed by my ability to withdraw, one of the men grabbed my right foot out of the fire and began to saw it off, feverishly anticipating my tumultuous turmoil with his deep set ardent eyes.  

Then I awoke.

I could feel the fear course through my veins as my body tried to understand what was 'real' and what was 'illusion.'  As I slowly gained grounding in my current reality, my awareness shifted.  Not only was I safe, but I was in my bed.  I began to calm down.  I placed my hand over my heart and said, "I release all energy that is not mine.  I return to my own energy field."  Then it hit me, I couldn't feel my right foot!  Fear began drawing me back into its chokehold, but I found my way back to my breathe and twinkled the toes on my foot.  It was there!  With an outpour of gratitude I found peace.  That morning I knew I had tapped into something real, something sacred, and a key to my inner high Priestess.