Do not confuse your personality 

with your soul 

or the small mind 

with the universal cosmic mind 

the little self with the big Self 

your body with who you truly are 


when you feel like you don't belong 

when you live in comparison 

when you can't see yourself 

when the world seems dark 

and shrouded in confusion

it is not your highest Self that feels

the highest Self is but a witness 

to the emotional body 

to the personality and its attachments 

the binary structure of a judging mind 

it is the suffering of the human condition

and it is not to be minimized 

living this life is challenging at times 

but from a higher viewpoint 

an elevated frequency

it is all unfolding as it should 

to push you and persuade you to step up

higher into Truth 

your personality will make all sorts of excuses 

why everything isn't working 

or how you’re better than everybody else 

trained to see only our differences 

but your soul doesn't see the world that way 

only opportunities for further expansion

Conscious Uncoupling

I wonder who I will be when it’s no longer you and me 

but rather me and me 

and you and you 

one day, maybe soon, it will be you and her 

me and him 

I can’t help but wonder 

how much we shaped each other’s being 

carved our names into each other’s hearts

and we belonged there for a time 

it was wild and romantic and free 

the way you fell into my arms on that green velvet couch 

there wasn’t an inch of me that you did not claim as your own 

and you belonged to me, as much as anyone can belong to someone 

there were moments when I didn’t want to belong in your heart 

moments where silence tore us apart on the floor of that hotel room on my 31st birthday, words that etched their way into the fabric of my lungs 

we cast out dark shadows with great light that night 

fell asleep in a field as the crows cried overhead 

and we held each other tightly, 

not knowing if it was the last time our skin would heat up against the fire in our chests 

you were my everything

a force that swallowed me whole 

a bottomless depth to which I gleefully swam 

an emerald green ocean on a hot summers day 

I wonder when the frost of winter landed on the fruit of our love; 

it came without warning

it came without reason or remedy 

without declaration or denial 

the emptiness began to swallow us whole 

no contractual agreement to bind our unfolding 

the greatest love story began to rewrite itself 

from structure to formless 

from singular to limitless 

once again we find ourselves unbridled to expectation and free to truly love the places we’ve called home in each other’s evolution 

clawing and gripping at nothing 

releasing ideas of dogma and duty

sculpting a new ending, a final exploration, that the Angels will herald in heaven 

and bless from above 

because only the brave can love deeply enough 

to let each other go 

with this much beauty and innocence and grace 

Interview by Katie from Emerging Reiki on Chalice Grove

What inspired you to create Chalice Grove and what does that name mean to you?

Chalice was the name of the street I lived on for years, and after doing some research into the word I knew it had to be part of my business, not only because of the rich meaning, but also because the business was birthed from that house.  

Chalice represents the feminine, receptive, vulnerable, nurturing energy that is responsible for creation and is much needed on this planet if we are to survive.  The chalice in iconography is represented by the inverted triangle and I have included both in the logo because the "right-side-up" triangle represents the active, supportive, protective masculine energy that the world needs to survive: the yin and yang balance that is required for a predominately patriarchal paradigm to shift.  
Grove represents the connection with nature that is needed to heal. Grove is a community rooted together that blossoms.
Chalice Grove therefore represents embracing the totality of your being, the light and the dark, good and bad, masculine and feminine, physical and metaphysical and the inextricable connection to all that is. 

There's a neatly organized and compiled list of gemstones on your website that you love working with. Do you have an absolute favourite ?

That is a tough question to answer as I LOVE so many gemstones but yes, I do have one in particular that I am called to from the very depth of my being; that stone is Larimar. When I first found the stone I was looking up stones that work in conjunction to Kundalini because I was about to take my teacher training and wanted something for the journey from student to teacher. When I heard the stones name a strange feeling washed over me, when I saw it I cried. This does not happen to me, usually. It is a high vibrational stone and its price reflects its beauty and power. I waited to buy some but when I did, and once they arrived, I cried again opening it. I always joke now that Larimar is my spirit animal ;)  

As a designer and amateur photographer,  I admire the photography across your website and social media platforms. What created this incredible clean and beautiful essence ? How did you envision these elements coming together ?

I'm not a photographer, at least not professionally, but I do love beauty and know that part of my purpose on this planet is to add more beauty to this world; I have an eye for it and I think that is why I can create not only jewelry and words, but also photos in an elegant and beautiful way. 

I have anxiety myself and have crystals that help me along with meditation and yoga. For anybody else going through or have gone through anxiety, what advice would you give them ?

As amazing and wonderful as crystals are, they will not heal you from anxiety. It's the same as thinking pharmaceuticals will cure you from your emotional wounds. The only thing that heals is you deep-diving into your emotional body. Yes, crystals can help, they can even assist with opening energy channels in the body, but at the end of the day there is no quick fix. The only way to cure anything is to get to the root cause of why it is showing up in the first place, stay curious about what it is teaching you, and have a willingness to see things differently. Only then can we unfold into who we truly are and understand that we are not our suffering, we are something beyond.  

Your malas and their unique and beautiful designs are absolutely exquisite. How do you come up with your creations?

First off, thank you! The designs come to me when I'm at my desk, or even right before I fall asleep. Often they come to me in a meditation or even a yoga class. The nugget in this is just to start, find what brings you joy, what is expansive to your soul and allow miracles to flood into this natural space of awareness.  

For someone looking into starting their own shop, what advice would you give them?

Just start. It doesn't have to mean you quit your job and go all in. Start small, one foot in front of the next, and just move towards the direction of what ignites your heart and soul. I started Chalice Grove part-time, as a hobby! And then eventually, once I gained a bit of traction, I quit my job and went all in! Trust that you have what it takes and that even if your hobby business doesn't turn into what you are meant to do, it will open doors into where you are going. 

The Yogini Path Mala

The Yogini Path Mala brings us home to the Women we are meant to be. The time to embrace our Divinity is NOW, the dark and the light, and transcend limiting beliefs that are no longer in service to the Highest Good.  Awaken to your inner Warrior, Mystic and High Priestess.   
Affirmation: I accept that I am more powerful, more courageous, and more brave than I believe myself to be.   

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Be here fully 


she says, 

dive in with your senses

with your thoughts 

and your words

immerse yourself completely 

commit to presence 

and I answer every time I choose to lean in

I answer every time I align to love 

I answer when I embody sobriety 

because there is nothing to escape anymore 

there is nothing to run or hide from

I am inside of myself 

rooted like the cypress 

lifting for the heavens 

and the messages you're sending, I hear 

no longer shall I ignore the call 

I spent all of my life wishing I was someone else 

wishing I was normal,

but I never was and I never will be 

I have extra senses, and I'm no longer afraid 

where once substance seemingly guided me to unity

the breath has taken form 

truth lives here 

truth is the only thing of substance 

undying and unchanging 

this body holy ground 

my soul made manifest through the temple of this skin 

I am no longer fearful to feel the world 

I am here to anchor in a new vibration

and I will send roots like tendrils to the center 

of the Earth 

I will stand for justice with a wide open heart

I will speak my truth no matter how it lands on wounded ears 

and I will be a mirror for others, like me, who have gotten lost along the way






Let the spirit guide the mind 

glide effortlessly into knowing 

experience your vastness 

no forcing, trying, controlling 

allowance of the infinite 

expanding with the breath 

this is your birthright 

available to you anytime you create the space 

to be present with yourself 

create space in the body 

through movement 

release the soul from the cage 

release trauma from the muscles 

this path is for the brave 

the ones who are willing to face themselves 

transform themselves 

over and over again

Just As You Are

The world will give you many opportunities
to not love yourself
to believe there is something that needs fixing
that you are broken
unlovable and unworthy
your ego will give you many thoughts
that say how pathetic
how much of a failure
how insignificant and inconsequential
you are
there will be more than enough moments
where you'll feel lost and confused
bewildered and betrayed
even by your own heart
where you'll look into the mirror and see
every missed opportunity
every flaw; the ugliness of your own skin
but none of it will be true
none of the darkness you perceive will be real
only the lessons imbued in them
the gifts and guidepost leading you within
to a soul that wants nothing more
than acceptance of your totality
every single part of you perfect
created in the reflection of the light
manifested in the polarity of human form
and when we remember this
when we touch down on the fertile soil of our blossoming
only then can we truly see
how all of it is beautiful
and boldly add more radiance
by showing up
as we are.

My Truth

It poured forth from my lips like molasses, bittersweet with blackness that swallowed you whole 

the sheets still warm with longing, the air hot and sticky like a Louisiana summer and I 

couldn't take it back 

my truth 

it needed to be said, your soul lit on fire, smoke of uncertainty filled the room 

I wanted to regret it, but I didn't, I felt free - like I had opened the door to a cage I did not know existed 

and you

you didn't let my words sink you like pebbles in a pond after the storm 

no, you held your ground and rooted in deeper 

and I 

I really needed that, I didn't know how much I needed that until you handed it to me on wings of freedom 

and I felt free 

liberated from my guilt and shame and denial 

and it needed to be said the way the desert heat needs the rain 

it needed to float on air the way birds glide through blue skies and there were no clouds out that day 

only my perception of stormy weather but I was wrong about the forecast 

and my intuition bowed to my heart as my soul directed me into alignment 

and with the acceptance and awareness of what I need, I offered ink to the extension of our contract; a shortcut on the roadmap to my inner landscape

deeper unfolding into life's mysteries 

and my 

grateful heart hopped into that 1972 mustang and drove off into the sunset with the one who decided to say yes 

to her happiness. 

She is Awakening

And you, sweet one, finally answered, finally came up and out and I wondered how long you had been hiding down there until you whispered into the hollow of my inner child. 

And she sobbed, she wailed, vibrating loose a hurt so ancient that all women gathered. 

And I felt the repression, the oppression, the degradation, the misogyny of a predominately patriarchal paradigm that suppresses and suspends the soul of women, the empowerment of women, the rule of women and I remembered how powerful I was at six years old and how that power was abused, betrayed, belittled and shut down. 

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Bless You!

This isn't about how many people follow you on Instagram, or like your posts.

This isn't about your patterns and wounds and pain and sorrow. 

This isn't about you, not in the way you think it is: you are everything and you are nothing. 

You have come here to shift the consciousness of the planet and you do so through prayer, through thoughts, through words, through action; so make each action a living prayer, make each word a loving word, make each thought an uplifting thought, each prayer a sacred container for all to heal. 


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You Choose

Healers need healing too; just because you still fall apart from time to time from the weight of the world does not mean you can't show up bigger and bolder and brighter than ever before in your healing business. 

Going through shit makes us human, it's how we choose to deal with what we go through that qualifies us to hold another's sacred beating heart while they trust us with their weight. 

If you've never felt the world crush you, holding space for another's crushed world requires a deep and profound amount of empathy, one that not many people can hold. 

Of course you don't need to identify with the wounded healer, in fact as this blue planet continues to shift, I believe, there will be less and less people who choose to go through the flames first. I think future generations of light workers will bypass the pain and suffering and turmoil and stay in their light most of the time. They will be able to heal from an authentic place of pure expansion, compassion and strength. 

But I didn't choose that path. 

I chose the archetype of wounded healer. This means I have gone through some pretty fucked up shit and I'm proud of myself because I know the courage it took to pull myself out. It is an absolute miracle I am where I am today. I've battled perfectionism, drug addiction, abuse, unworthiness, betrayal, addiction to approval, loss, mental illness, rejection, body dysmorphic disorder, abandonment, and more. 

As a healer I'm not condoning the path of the broken; the path that glorifies darkness, or embodies the importance of wounds, but what I am celebrating is the fact that we are all gloriously unique. 

I will attract people who have gone through similar experiences and if your path differs, you will attract people like you. 

There is no right way or wrong way to live this life, there is only the way that you choose. 

None of us truly, fully and honestly know why we are here. We may have had profound esoteric experiences that argue we do, but the unknown is reason enough to be alive, and we don't have to attach anything else to it. 

So let yourself unfold into the space you come alive.

If you feel alive in your pain then let it shape you and move on, and share the story of overcoming in the face of adversity. 

If you feel alive in your light then share it wherever you go, don't you dare let anybody dim your sparkle. 

Whatever you choose, for God's sake, remember to truly LIVE. 

This Life

I have complete respect for the moments that take our breath away, the awe-inspiring and the gut-wrenching; the ripples of surfacing wounds that lead us to the shedding of layers, to move forward, confront darkness, test faith and to bare our naked souls in the light of our limiting beliefs. 

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Awakening: A Journey through the Chakras

I have met my edge, at times the anxiety swallowed me whole - the trepidation that followed resistance, distress and heedlessness was too much for my soul to bare. Like a serpent stirring from a long slumber at the base of my spine, dreaming of ascending vertebrae by vertebrae; an open channel to voyage to the bounty within. 

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Perfectionism, we can't escape it - even in yogic advertising we are bombarded with images of it; faces that are young, bodies that are free from cellulite, fat, wrinkles and stretch marks - leaving out a majority of the world's demographic. 

Yoga is supposed to be about Union. It's about connecting to a source within, a well of infinite knowledge where we can access grace, truth and remembrance of our unity. But, alas, most of us are hypnotized by media's hidden message that we are imperfect and not enough as we presently are. 

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