Chalice grove started as a platform for healing through a deep commitment to the blossoming of the soul.  

Our souls  actually wants experience that are going to expose our deepest wounds.

So what does that mean?  It means you will magnetize experiences to you that reveal your deepest wounds, insecurities, illusions, fears, doubts and more.  Just look back at your life and you'll see there is a pattern found in all of your relationships and how they've made you feel when things weren't going the way you desired.

I wholeheartedly believe that facing our shadow, embracing our light, connecting authentically to others and sharing our story will have a global impact in a profound way. 

Isn't it time we take responsibility for how we choose to deal with external circumstances that show up in our life?!  

Spiritually Empower Yourself.  Join the Movement.  





 Photos by Brandy Mudryk  

Photos by Brandy Mudryk  


About Me


Hi, my name is Krista

I came into this world three months early as a Leo and a fighter.  I was always referred to as the 'strong one' and if you ever meet me you'll get a sense of that, but my strength isn't what makes me powerful.  In fact, it is often the strongest people we know who are carrying the heaviest burden. 

After years of feeling disconnected, betrayed, angry, and abandoned, and using my outgoing personality as a mask to hide all of these undesirable feelings, I hit rock bottom.  I was in the last year of my BA taking a double major in Psychology and English when I was hit with severe and debilitating 'anxiety.'  Somewhere deep within, I knew I could heal myself.  

I began to take responsibility for the world in which I saw around me and I got to work personally.  Through that I was reacquainted with my greatest strength, my vulnerability and sensitivity. And this is why I am now a spiritual guide + create sacred adornment: I want to offer tangible tools while on the path of expansion. 

 My message is simple; forgiveness, love, and inner peace and everything I create is in alignment with this message.